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One great game that can be played using the Chrome browser from Google is Mods. This game has become highly popular recently. Part of the popularity is because the game is free to use. But part of the popular is also just because it's so fun to play and there are so many customizable options.

In this game, the user is able to create a snake. In terms of what category this game falls into, it's basically a utility. It was produced by slither-io. It is available in English and works on a Windows operating system.

Those who are really getting into a game like this want customizable options. What this game offers in terms of customizable options includes customizing the snake itself that the user plays with. However, there's also the fact that a user of can decide to play as a bot if he or she chooses to make things more interesting.

There are so many different skins to unlock, and advanced users will learn how it's possible to create mods. Social players can take advantage of the ability to follow the IP of different friends and contacts they have. There's also the option to actually join a friend's IP to play.


  • Those who use Modes, Zoom, Unlock, Skins, Bots have the huge advantage of being able to unlock different skins. This makes it fun and customized to take advantage of the unique experience that this app provides.
  • Again, there are many highly customizable features here so that the user can play the game just as they please. You can customize your snake and also customize the view you get of the interface using the app.


  • Some of those who have experience with using the game don't like the fact that there's really no official extension for out there.
  • You need to have Chrome in order to use this program because it is in fact a Chrome extension.

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